Minimum Viable Manager Training

Software that teaches a first-time manager how to make decisions in 1-on-1 meetings so that fewer low priorities get escalated to their directors.

Want to experience a manager 1-on-1 session for yourself?

Based on the Mochary Method management system used by

Example 1-on-1 session,
on motivation

  • 00:02:16 identifying "work life" as the source of productivity stalling.

  • 00:20:42 helping uncover the root cause of dissatisfaction.

  • 00:30:19 nudging to call out the main obstacle to solve.

  • 00:48:49 using momentum to drive towards a simple decision and next-actions.


A manager simply helps you identify each priority you have towards a bigger goal, has you say what you're going to do towards that priority, and then holds you accountable to doing it.

Matt Mochary, CEO coach at Mochary Method and co-author of 'The Great CEO Within'